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The Secret to Capturing More Assets (Targeted at Advisors)


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If you are like many financial advisors, you may think you already manage all of your clients’ assets. But guess what? You almost certainly do not.

The good news? When you truly stand apart from your competition through thought leadership and top-notch client service, you are poised to capture additional assets from existing clients. And getting additional assets is much easier and faster than the expensive and time-consuming process of prospecting for new clients.

The benefits of receiving additional assets from your existing clients go beyond additional income. The new assets give you more opportunities to serve your clients extremely well. This in turn enhances client trust and loyalty, paving the way for you to receive yet more assets to manage in the future, along with qualified referrals.

To get those additional assets? You just have to ask.


  1. Continuously cultivate the relationship.
    You have the ability to ensure client satisfaction through your relationships. These satisfied clients are likely to give you more of their assets to manage. And the greater their satisfaction, the more likely they are to add even more assets.
  2. Know about the other assets.
    You should have a clear understanding of the overall assets of your clients – what they have and who is managing those assets. Your wealth management process, and especially your discovery process, is essential for this.
  3. Recognize the triggers for asset transfer.
    There are a number of situational triggers that provide openings for a transfer of assets. These can be any meaningful changes in a client’s life (such as a divorce, remarriage or birth of a grandchild); in the client’s portfolio (such as a retirement rollover or inheritance); in the market (such as a major upward or downward swing); or in tax law (such as changes in estate taxes). All these are excellent opportunities for clients to consider moving assets to you.
  4. Ask!
    Once in a while, a very satisfied client may come to you with additional assets without prompting. But most of the time, you will need to ask for the assets. Simply offer to conduct a diagnostic review of all their accounts – those with you and with other firms – to help ensure that all parts of the portfolio are working together optimally to achieve the client’s goals. If the review indicates that the client may be better positioned to achieve their goals if the other assets were transferred to you, offer to make the transfer. It’s as simple as that.
  5. Thank your clients.
    Let your clients know that you appreciate the trust they have placed in you – whether or not you have received any additional assets.
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