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Charisma is a useful quality regarding nearly every type of interpersonal interaction. It strengthens your ability to convey your message effectively and encourages others to support your ideas. Fortunately, this isn’t an innate ability; you can learn this skill through verbal and nonverbal practices.

Scientists at University Lausanne Business School have developed seven tactics to increase your charisma. Six of these seven tactics are verbal – using metaphors, telling stories, making contrasts, asking rhetorical questions, emphasizing morality, and acknowledging how the group is feeling. All of these strategies enable your followers to connect with the points you’re trying to make. The seventh tactic, nonverbal communication, is also important in conveying your charisma. Your volume, facial expressions, and physical gestures go a long way in engaging your listeners. It takes time to learn and practice these techniques, but they pave the way for having strong charisma and getting your message across.

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