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Build Relationships That Produce Big Results


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Individuals with a net worth of at least $500 million often have networks with strong sociability, connection to power, and expansiveness. They leverage their connections to enhance their professional accomplishments while offering opportunities of their own. These wealthy individuals maintain these networks by acting as “hubs,” using weak ties to connect to strong relationships, and recognizing their friends’ friends are their friends. In other words, they understand their network and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and introductions.

Their network likely started from them building relationships with people who they feel have connections or resources to help them. The process starts by gathering information from their relationships, digging deeper into their backgrounds, gaining insight into their networks, asking for introductions, and being willing to bring value to the process. The “Super Rich” often present themselves as a valuable resource to their connections and their connections’ connections, and they recognize where there’s an opportunity.

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